Articling Program

Articling at Fancy Barristers is an extraordinary intellectual and learning experience. We genuinely teach, because our focus is not to profit from your labor but to strengthen you ethically, intellectually, technically, and spiritually (i.e. instilling courage to take on the "Goliaths") to improve the world. We do not see the practice of law as a mere business activity but a means to improve the world ethically. You can expect to work on, amongst other unique matters, the following during your articleship under the guidance of senior, mid-range and junior lawyers:

  1. Demonstrative Advocacy: Learn how to apply this ground breaking new advocacy model in motions, applications, mediations, arbitrations or trials; to help the court "get to the truth". See "Advocacy Methodology".
  2. Landmark Class Action: This is on-going proceeding against the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation in which Fancy Barristers and Adair Morse are lead co-counsel of record. Learn the basics of class actions (including behavior modification), the organization of thousands of pieces of evidence and law in such mass proceedings. See
  3. Pleadings: Learn how to craft pleadings correctly based not only on the material facts but with Demonstrative Advocacy, Examinations for Discovery and Trial in mind.
  4. Mediations: You will not only help in drafting the Statement of Issues and the supporting Book of Demonstrative Evidence, but can expect to attend at least one Mediation with counsel to gather the fruits of your good work.
  5. Motions: We do not just bring or respond to motions; we show the truth! Understand motion practice under Demonstrative Advocacy, help the Court and win.
  6. Pro Bono: Is not simply a slogan at Fancy Barristers. We are currently working on a landmark criminal case (on a 100% pro bono basis) to defend a woman against serious criminal charges (non-violent) based on the series of Supreme Court of Canada decisions relating to automatism. You will have an opportunity to contribute to this unique ethical opportunity. See " Charitable Advocacy Program".

Go beyond completing research memos by Articling at Fancy Barristers, P.C.!