Our Specialization

We specialize in ethically improving the world through Civil Litigation (See "Our Philosophy"). Our civil litigation practice is restricted (with certain exceptions under our "Charitable Advocacy Program") to Class Actions (see "www.problemgamblerslawyer.com"), Medical Malpractice, Complex Torts and Problem Gambler Litigation.

Under our methodology (See "Advocacy Methodology") we integrate the documentary evidence (e.g. hospital diagnosis) with the real evidence (e.g. medical illustration of injury with diagnostic source) to create a visual story book of your case and accurately communicate within the Rule of Law. We have a great team of expert doctors, engineers, demonstrative theorists, information designers, and accountants whom we hire to assist us in ensuring success for you!

The visual story book helps the court to correctly comprehend your case, constrain its own subjectivities and reduce court time. Your opponent also sees the light and that helps reduce acrimony, expedite settlement and avoid costly trials. Read Justice MacDonald's decision on our work under "Who Are We? : Significant Successes": Treyes v. OLGC.

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Medical Malpractice Problem Gambler
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